1. Head north-west                                                 29 m

2. Turn right toward Surya Sen St                        82 m

3. Turn left toward Surya Sen St                           69 m

4. Turn right onto Surya Sen St                            270 m

5. Turn right onto Raja Ram Mohan Sarani

Drive along the park (on the left for 110 m)         550 m

6. Turn left after Bank of India (on the left)

onto BB Ganguly Street                                         600 m

7. Turn right after Sealdah Court &

Additional District Sub-Registrar's Office

(on the right) toward Parikshit Roy Ln

Pass by Big Bazaar (on the right)                         120 m

8. Turn left onto Parikshit Roy Ln

Pass by Nilratan Sircar Medical College

and Hospital (on the right)                                    550 m

9. Slight right onto Guri Para Rd                           350 m

10. Turn right at Munshi Bazaar Rd                     38 m

11. Take the 1st left onto Canal South Rd          1.5 km

12. Turn right toward Rani Rashmoni

Garden Ln                                                                 100 m

13. Take the 1st left onto Rani Rashmoni

Garden Ln                                                                 400 m

14. Turn left onto Dhapa Rd

Pass by Silver Spring (on the left in 1.0 km)        1.3 km

15. Turn right onto EM Bypass

Go through 1 roundabout                                      1.1 km

16. Slight left to merge onto SH 3                         350 m

17. Turn left after the park onto

Basanti Hwy                                                             18.9 km

18. Turn right onto Paglarhat-Bodra Rd              6.8 km

19. Turn right toward Sonarpur Bodra Rd          700 m

20. Turn left onto Sonarpur Bodra Rd                 1.2 km

21. Turn right onto Bodra Jibontala Rd               8.6 km

22. Turn right onto Jibantala Sarberia Rd           10.0 km

23. Jibantala Sarberia Rd turns right and

becomes Dhuri To Jibantala Rd

Pass by Farhan Telecome (on the

right in 4.3 km)                                                          4.5 km

24. Turn right onto Basanti Hwy/Canning

Malancha Rd Pass by Sagar Gramin Bank

(on the right in 3.3 km)                                             5.5 km

25. Turn left onto Basanti Hwy Pass by

Basanti Police Station (on the left in 13.9 km)      14.4 km

26. Slight left onto SH 3

Pass by Nazrul Srity Sporting Club

(on the left in 1.2 km)                                                2.9 km

27. Slight right onto Chandkhali –

Mocamberia Rd                                                         2.6 km

28. Continue onto Mocamberia Rd                        220 m

B   Gadkhali, West Bengal
A   Kolkata, West Bengal